Thursday, July 14, 2016

I Said Good Gracious, Can This be My Luck

My garden looks so much better in person...

Soooooooo. I've had a rough week. I'll write more about that later. But now, I get to get off work early and head to Madison, where we can stay at my brother's house for free. Our friend Burne will meet us there tonight. There is a Cajun/Blues/Zydeco music festival that is also free. We are bringing our road bikes and mountain bikes. My brother lives across the street from the arboretum, so there are great running trails and he has kayaks and canoes that we can just walk across the street and put them in water and either paddle left to Lake Monona or right to Lake Wingra. We also found some mountain bike trails that we can ride our bikes on townie trails to get to and then ride single track and then ride back to my brother's house. Both my girls will meet us there on Friday and Coadster's boyfriend is coming too. They won't be riding their bikes, but they will meet us by car in New Glarus on Saturday when we ride there. We'll have lunch there and do a brewery tour before heading back to Madison. We'll do my birthday dinner on Saturday night with, hopefully, my sister (if I can get hold of her. Never uses a cell phone, only her landline and her answering machine is completely full, so can't leave a message. Such a '90's situation...), my sister-in-law's mom (who is probably more fun than all of us put together), my girls, Coadster's boyfriend, John and Burne at a place called Hop Cat. It's supposed to have great food and beer. There is a good chance of rain on Sunday, so we might just stop and play around underground at Cave of the Mounds on the way home.

Let's see...Family, John, our friend, Burne, food, bikes, boats, beer, cheese curds, caves, Cajun music, running and playing and playing and playing. I can't wait!

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