Tuesday, April 03, 2012

And When They Split Those Atoms, It's Hotter Than the Sun

Here is a thingamajig that waters crops in Iowa.

Coadster came home this weekend. Hurray! We tried to plan a few fun things for her to do. On Friday night, I grilled salmon for her and steak for Stinky and we had a couple of our friends over. It was a nice dinner and we had a good talk, and Coadster gave us the stuff she brought back from London for us.

The Guy relaxing with his Heidi cat.

Coadster read The Hunger Games most of the day on Saturday. I used to get a little annoyed when she would lie around and watch horrible reality TV shows when she came home to visit. She explained to me that she did so much at school, that coming home was like a vacation and that was how she decompressed. I get that. I don't like the horrible screeching from the people on reality shows in my living room all day, but I understand that's how she veg's-out. This time, it was reading The Hunger Games. She wanted to finish it before she saw the movie that night.

I cleaned the house for most of the day, while The Guy built up my time trial bike (the kind of bike you use in a triathlon). later in the afternoon, The Guy and I took our time trial bikes for a little spin. It was so fun.

That night, The Guy took me and the girls out for dinner at the Altas. we had a nice meal and got a good talk in with my daughters.

My girls at Atlas.

On Sunday, The Guy and I went to our friend E's house to help her get her bike set-up. We came home and got ready to ride. We went out to a road where we will race in about a month and then we were headed to Riverside to see our friend S., when I ran over an aluminum can and it poked a hole in my back tire. It wouldn't hold air, so I walked my bike on the side of the road in the heat of our unseasonably warm Iowa Spring, while The Guy rode as quickly as possible to our friend S.'s house. They came and rescued me and S. drove us back to our place. So, ultimately, the story had a happy ending.


laura b. said...

Welcome back to Coadster! I bet it was fun hearing about her trip.

Seeing The Guy with his cat makes me miss having a cat to lay around with. They are the perfect reading companions.

Sounds like a fun weekend Churlita :)

silly rabbit said...

Stuff from London... cool beans! I bet she had some great stories to tell.

I get the decompression thing, but personally would choose another method. The important thing is that she gets to decompress happily at home.

rel said...

Flat tires suck!
But daughters home for family time is fantastic.

rel said...
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Tara said...

Ugh, the only time I like those "reality" shows is when "The Soup" makes fun of them on Wednesday nights.

That's such a cute photo of Heidi and "The Guy"!

I'll have salmon AND steak, please!