Thursday, February 23, 2012

Let 'Em Be Doctors and Lawyers and Such

Here are my girls with one of their cousins.

Soooo, just a little update on the youngin's.

Coadster called to let me know she got her passport in the mail yesterday. She won't be in Dublin on St Patrick's Day, after all. Turns out, all the lodging there has been booked up for months and months. Who'd've guessed it?...Uh, probably everyone. She is going to go on a London pub crawl instead. My mind isn't exactly set at ease with the change in venue.

Stinky has made her decision and applied to the local community college here in town for her first year. It will be a much cheaper way for her to figure out if she's finally ready to get her shit together as far as school is concerned. She's a smart girl, with motivation issues. I hope she figures it out...


silly rabbit said...

I think this experience abroad will help her grow. Its a wonderful way to build up her sense of self as she enters adulthood and will give her interesting topics to share with others. Very cool.

My kids have all opted for the junior college for less money as a stepping stone. It has worked out well for them. I'm sure it will for your savvy gal too!

laura b. said...

London pub crawl or Dublin pub crawl...hmmmm. haha! What an exciting time for her :)

I think coommunity college is wonderful. Those "Intro to" units are the same everywhere and for a bargain price. It is especially great for kids who still haven't fixed upon a specific course of action. Good for Stinky!