Thursday, October 11, 2018

October and Kingdoms Rise and Kingdoms Fall But You go On and On

This is the campus where I work. How lucky am I?
 Okay. I was bad about writing again this week...And I'm actually doing things to write about. So, I'll just write a little bit today about random stuff and then I'm off work tomorrow. Yea! We're going to beautiful Bellevue, Iowa this weekend to attend, John's ex-girlfriend's wedding. I'm sure I've said before that people I know think it's weird that we still hang-out, but I like her and her fiance and I have lived in a small town for many years. We weren't total whores when we were younger, but if I didn't hang out with people that John or I dated at some point, we would live a sad, lonely existence.

If you don't live in Iowa, it's Fall here and beautiful, but damn if it won't stop raining. All of the rain is making the beautiful leaves on our trees fall a lot sooner than normal. So, hopefully there will still be pretty colored leaves on the trees when we hang out by the Mississippi River this weekend.

I either put Marigolds or cat fur on the butternut squash to keep the squirrels from eating them.
It's weird that I haven't really talked about my garden on here, because I seem to be obsessive about it everywhere else, but I grew my first mutant butternut squash this year. Cool, huh? I looked online and some say it should take like a normal butternut squash, but I'm a little afraid to try it. If I get up the guts and it turns me green after ingesting it, I'll let you know.

So, Halloween is coming up soon. Yea! Even though it's always too cold out during it, it's one of my favorite holidays. I wish people would wear costumes and I would have an excuse to read ghost stories all year long.

Okay. You all have a lovely weekend. I hope it stops raining wherever you are and that you get to enjoy some beautiful Fall foliage.

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