Tuesday, May 13, 2014

There Were Plants and Birds and Rocks and Things. There Was Sand and Hills and Rings.

Since I've been such an inconsistent blogger, no one really reads this anymore and I'm actually okay with that. It gives me the freedom to write what I want without people freaking out on me about how I perceive and write about my own experiences or certain friends or family members thinking I drink too much or spend my money in ways they don't approve or whatever the hell else people think is their business...Well, Okay. I'm fine with people judging me, but if they do it on here and I don't like it, I can just delete and continue to write whatever useless crap I want. See? Freedom!

Anyway, I know at one point I said I would write about my Arizona vacation and here it goes: We left Iowa right as it was beginning to blizzard on February20th. We went South to Missouri, instead of West to Des Moines to miss the worst part of the storm.

So it was, that we drove and drove and effing drove through Missouri and Kansas all night long, until we hit Oklahoma, just as the sun was coming up. In the light of day, the snow was gone, the plains were stark, and by the time we hit New Mexico, we looked like we were in Bedrock with Fred Flinstone and Barney Rubble.

In this much warmer, alternate universe, it became clear to us that things would suddenly go our way. We entered Santa Fe a little early and just thought we'd see if our room was ready. The clerk said that he didn't see that we had a reservation. John went back to the car to get proof. There had been a glitch and the only room that was open was a casita. They would give us that and not charge us for the upgrade. Hurray! He also informed us of the Goya exhibit at the art museum, that was only about a block down from the Georgia O'keefe museum...I was very much in love with our alternate universe.

Since neither of us got much sleep the night before, we planned for a nice relaxing day of eating, drinking and staring at things. To that end, we went to lunch at Cafe Pascual's and it was lovely. Great food and even better margaritas. We wandered around the Downtown area of Santa Fe, but neither of us are big shoppers, so most of it was lost on us.

We headed to the art museums and were so happy to check things out. The Georgia O'Keefe museum was very cool and the other museum had an exhibit from a couple who lived in NYC, who had normal jobs and collected all kinds of modern art and stored it in their tiny apartment. There were so many things to stare at.

We walked everywhere we went in Santa Fe, which is always the best way to check out a city, if possible. We had about an hour to kill between museums and our dinner reservations, so we wandered around until we found a place called Agave. "I bet they would sell margaritas there..." I said, and so we decided to explore the possibility. Turns out, they DID sell margaritas, and in fact they served the best margaritas we had the entire trip AND it was happy hour, so they were $5 a pop. Thank you, alternate universe!

We made it to Maria's for dinner which was just fine. They didn't have a lot of veggie or fish options, but we were able to find a couple of entrees and then had a lovely walk back to our casita. When we were about a block away, John said he wouldn't mind trying to find one more drink before we retired. Hell, we were on vacation, why not? So, we walked around the block and saw a restaurant named Tomasita's that had a line out the door of  what looked to be locals, so we figured it had to be good. We wandered to the bar and asked if we could just sit there and have a drink, and they said, "Of course." Our margaritas were very good and the next thing you know, we hear music and there are mariachis. Not only that, these mariachis were beautiful women. It couldn't have been a more perfect evening. If the rest of the the vacation turned out anything like this first day, we might never go back to Iowa...

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