Thursday, July 05, 2012

I'm Hotter Than the Sun on the Fourth of July

Stinky in her funky 4th get-up.
I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. It was hot here, but we were able to deal with it.

On Tuesday night, Stinky and Coadster had gone to the Quad Cities and The Guy and I were happy to have a night to ourselves - for the most part. He went on a training ride, and I got everything ready for dinner. I grilled salmon with a lemon. butter and fresh dill sauce. I steamed asparagus, made a salad, aute'd zucchini and red peppers and then served it with good bread from the co-op and brie. It was all very good. While we were eating, our friend JH stopped by to show off his '80's Panasonic bike that he bought from the Bike Library and was fixing up. He stayed and ate some salad and salmon and we talked bikes for a while, before he took off. I've been DVR"ing The Tour, so we watched the last part of it, before we went to bed.

I went for an early run on the 4th - it was almost 80 degrees by 7:30. The Guy went to his mom's to help her with a few things. My plan was to tidy-up the house and go to the store, before The Guy's ex and still friend, came to visit from Minneapolis. I made the mistake of reading my book for a half hour, but it was so good, I had to finish it. If you haven't already, The Elegance of the Hedgehog is a great read...Especially the last half.

The Guy's friend finally arrived and we had lunch and then road our bikes, in the hot, hot, heat to the Resevoir to swim. Riding home, after we were soaking wet, was WAY more comfortable than riding there.

In the evening we went downtown to eat. Almost every restaurant was closed.We were on a waiting list for a while at one place, but the kept telling us it would be longer and longer, so we finally went to The Mill. Coadster joined us and I had the veggie lasagna and we all tried to avoid watching the hotdog eating contest that was being shown on all the TV's there.

We rode our bikes home to the sounds of the fireworks display going on behind us and it was all so very nice.


laura b. said...

Great food, friends, and family. Sounds like the perfect celebration to me!
Has Stinky gone blonde?

silly rabbit said...

I wilt in heat like that. It stops me from doing much. Stinky looks cute. What a nice way to spend your holiday.

Tara said...

Happy Belated 4th of July! I'd imagine that it did feel much better on the ride home after a swim. That whole day sounds good!

I took out a few books from the library the other day (stepping into the quiet, cool library feels really good on a hot day); "The Nine Rooms of Happiness" and "The New Terrarium". I wanted to check out some photos of glassed-in gardens.

NoRegrets said...


MrManuel said...

Been a while, but I am slowly getting back into blogging. Just dropping in and hoping to do it even more now.

rel said...

Sounds like the perfect 4th.
I fade quickly in this heat; haven't had a hot dry summer like this in quite a few years.

dmarks said...

I think of getting a DVR, but everything I see requires an espensive subscription to public domain information (when shows are on TV). Are there any that don't have this ripoff?

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