Sunday, January 23, 2022

On A Winter Sunday I Go, To Clear Away The Snow, And Green the Ground Below


 Well, Stinky tested positive for Covid on Friday. She is smart and is vaxxed and boosted, so her symptoms aren't too bad. She's just exhausted, super congested, and very, very tired. Since I was in a car with her on Thursday evening, John and I each did a home test. We were both negative. Yea!

 If you know me at all, you know that food is love in my world. I went to three different stores to get Stinky some orange juice, chicken noodle soup, Mucinex, fresh flowers, a bunch of microwaveable meals, snacks, treats, cereal, Dr Teal's bubble bath, Kleenex and electrolyte tablets. If she's sick for the next month, she's still all set.

Remember how I said I was going to read the Stacey Abrams novel? I lied. I saw the T. C. Boyle novel about Timothy Leary and LSD, and since it's January in Iowa, I needed a LOT of escapism, and so I went that direction. Now that I'm crawling down into that rabbit hole, I'm going to read Michael Pollan's non-fiction book about hallucinogens next. Unless, of course, something else pops out at me instead.

Today was the first Sunday in about a month and a half where I didn't work on our bathroom reno in any way, shape, or form. It would have been nice if I had been at all productive, but I really just read, spent some quality time with the cats, and played Wordle, and did the Sunday New York Times Crossword puzzle, and the mini, and Spelling Bee. John has tried to get me to do Sudoku, but that is a puzzle of numbers, and my brain can only do puzzles with words, so it never really stuck with me. And also, I don't really think I need to add more puzzles to my repertoire, do you?

I hope you all have a lovely week saying goodbye to January, and not getting Covid, and doing all of your puzzles, whether they be word, or number, or if you're some kind of crazy genius who can do both.

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