Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Too Hot, This Town is Too Hot

Hey, remember me? yeah, I'm the slacker who never writes and never calls...

Anyway, I thought I'd post about RAGBRAI, since it was well over a month ago, and all. This will mostly be a photo post, because I'm still busy and lame - an annoying combination. I'll also say that the president and his posse will be speaking across the street from my office on Friday. They'll be closing most of our building up for much of the day. None of the muckety-mucks are telling us what that means for us. I'm sure it will be interesting, though.

Soooo, RAGBRAI.....RAGBRAI was very, very hot. It was 100's of degrees out and we rode in the sun in that heat for the first 4 days. On the 100 mile day, I got a little heat stroke by the end. I had the chills and was super disoriented and weak and it didn't occur to me to get off my bike and sit in the shade. Duh. Luckily, The Guy noticed I had fallen off the back of our little riding pack and came looking for me. He told me just to pull over by some trees and we could sit for a bit. Another guy came and joined us with the same issue. Up the road, someone was selling coconut water out of the trunk of his car. I have no idea what was in it, but it made me feel instantly better. I had tons of regular water on me, but I think I was sweating out any electrolytes or vitamins.

So, after a stormy night in marshaltown - one that was so windy, it bent our tent pole, the weather became much more temperate and we had lovely days filled with bicycling, eating bad food and drinking any type of beverage...And fun. The days were very full of fun.