Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Party People - All Around Me, Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot.

Okay. I'm going to write about my weekend, because I haven't done that for a while and it was one of my favorite weekends of the year.

The last weekend of every June is Trek Fest - a celebration of all things nerdy. Supposedly, Captain Jame T. Kirk will be born in Riverside, Iowa in the future, but why wait to celebrate until then? Instead we can make a weekend of demolition derby, parades, music, and speakers.

The best part for us, is that our friends Seaghan and Kathy throw a big party every year that starts with the parade on Saturday morning.

We always ride to to Riverside with our friends. It's a nice 17 mile ride there, which is mostly flat with a few rolling hills at the end. We ride the same 17 miles back too, but some of our friends get car rides back to town.

This year they had horses and goats to play with at the party. So much so's the better.

Also this year, my brother came to visit for the weekend. He did OOBRAI with us a couple of years ago, so he knows most of the people who were there and then met a few more. It was great to have him around. He was also a good sport about wearing weird headresses.

We stayed at the party for lunch and to hang out for a bit. John's ex-wife was back visiting from Oslo, Norway, and it was great to see her.

I think I forgot to mention this, but it was hot, hot, hot. Some of us got a little heat strokey on the ride back, so we rode slowly and stopped in the shade for a  bit.

Then when we got closer to town, we stopped at Sand Lake and REALLY cooled off.

It was heavenly, until the zombie apocalypse happened behind me.

Just when we didn't think the day could get any better, we were accosted by adorable puppies, who just wanted some love.

We ended our ride at Big Grove for food and beer and shenanigans.

We got home and chilled out for bit,  and then walked to Heyn's ice cream for milkshakes. We then headed home and watched "Raising Arizona", while all trying to not to fall asleep. It was a nice end to a perfect day.

As it always seems to be with life, nothing is either all good or all bad. On Sunday we were supposed to ride 50 miles there and back to get lunch in Kalona. Unfortunately for me, I had a migraine and couldn't do the ride. Instead, I stayed home and read a deliciously cheesy novel on my back porch with some fat orange cat accompaniment.

My brother had some heat strokey issues on the ride on Sunday, so he came back pretty fried.

Fortunately for him, he had something to look forward to. Stinky brought her brand new puppy over for us to meet. His name is Javy and he's a Baussie (a Boston Terrier/miniature Australian shepard mix). He is the sweetest boy.

He and his older brother Jaxson are working through their new siblingship issues as well.

I hope you all have a lovely holiday tomorrow and that there are puppies involved. Puppies make everything better.

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