Sunday, September 12, 2021

We Are a Family, Get Up Everybody and Sing


One rainy morning last week, John was giving me a ride to work. Unfortunately for John, I spent most of the ride telling him about my concern for one of my siblings. I'm sure I probably went into too much detail in vent/worry about that person, but I felt like I was helpless to aid someone who didn't want the help, and who wouldn't care for themself. As I was about ready to get out of the car I said, "I'm sorry for going on and on about my family. What a great way to start your day..."

John responded, " That's okay. I have to go to work and return my mom's email asking me why the doctors can't tell her exactly when she's going to die."

"Okay. We can end our day with me listening to you vent about your family tonight."

I'm sure everyone's family isn't weird and concerning and I don't wish that on anyone, especially John, but it is nice to be married to someone who knows first hand what I'm going through.

May all of your families be normal (whatever that means) and not concerning. There has to be families out there like that, doesn't there?

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